2020-21 Season meetings & COVID-19 Update

As a result of the current COVID-19 epidemic, the committee has decided that regular meetings of the Kilmaurs club at the Masonic Club will NOT restart as usual this year. This is of course truly regrettable, but we believe unavoidable to ensure the safety of our members.

We are organising other activities to fill the gap until we eventually resume normal meetings. Arrangements have been made to hold on-line Zoom meetings at least till the end of 2020. For these meetings, we have invited various speakers to present their particular slant on photography, and we will also to hold an on-line digital competition.

NEW! – The programme of ZOOM meetings has started, all put together by Alan Stewart, our trusty Syllabus Secretary. This programme has been added to the Syllabus on this site and can be viewed here.

Additional information will be posted here in due course, as well as on our member’s Facebook page and in e-mailed club bulletins, including guidance on how you can easily join our Zoom meetings.

Locked down but not out

Fiona Wallace tells us how the Kilmaurs Club has coped with a year of restrictions

Martin Clark scooped the top award in November’s Competition with “Zaha Cyclist in the Storm”.

Like many clubs and societies, Kilmaurs Photographic Club has been hit fairly hard by the various restrictions over the past year.   With the first lockdown bringing an abrupt halt to the 2020 season, members found themselves not just unable to get to meetings but so many of their regular photo haunts were now out of bounds. Taking new images almost overnight became a considerable challenge.  Those lucky enough to have beauty spots on their doorsteps within the travel restrictions fared slightly better, but all in all, the situation has meant that the majority of members were left clicking their heels rather than their shutters, certainly as far as outdoor photography was concerned.

Undaunted, some members ventured into new indoor projects such as product photography, while others found a new interest in still life and tabletop photography.  For others, it was rediscovering the beauty in the flowers and wildlife in their own garden. Continue reading “Locked down but not out”

Catchlight: to boldly go …….Colin Robinson

Action from a GHA fixture
Action from a GHA fixture – great image by Colin

I am not given to using Americanisms and the word “awesome!” usually just irritates me  (Fiona Wallace reports). But a couple of weeks ago I had good reason to see why our cousins across the Pond are so fond of it when it is merited. And what merited it on this occasion was my visit to Colin and Joyce Robinson.  By the power of inter-galactic travel (or at least a ramshackle auld Toyota Previa from home to Kilmaurs) let me take you to this final frontier. Cue Gene Roddenberry titles: Continue reading “Catchlight: to boldly go …….Colin Robinson”

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones

The Final Bend was part of Bill Terrance’s submission for his DPAGB award.

A number of newer members have asked what all the various acronyms and organisations are that are regularly mentioned in bulletins and at the AGM, and in particular how they all relate to each other. When I re-read this article, the various bits that connect to other organisations made it sound a little like that old song Dem Bones Dem Bones Dem Dry Bones. So hear the word of the not quite lord:

As a club, Kilmaurs PC is affiliated to several organisations, in particular the GDPU and the SPF.

Continue reading “Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones”