Hardy Annuals

Joanna Myszkowska’s winning colour print, “Skagsanden”
Joanna Myszkowska’s winning colour print, “Skagsanden”

Entries at Kilmaurs PC were once again well up for the club Annual competition, when a total of 130 high calibre images were presented across the three categories – mono prints, colour prints and digitally projected images. The judge for the event was Colin McLatchie from Eastwood Photographic Society. Continue reading “Hardy Annuals”

Pie in the sky? …….. Part 1

Stenhouse Reservoir. Image courtesy of Ian Muir Photography
Stenhouse Reservoir. Image courtesy of Ian Muir Photography

With rapidly falling prices, easy availability and diminishing size putting drones firmly on many Christmas wish-lists, the big question remains: can they be used in photography both safely and without causing harm or annoyance to others? In this two-part article Fiona Wallace takes a look at these gadgets to see what the situation is. Continue reading “Pie in the sky? …….. Part 1”

Pie in the sky? …….. Part 2

Sunset  over St Abb’s Head. Also courtesy of Ian Muir Photography
Sunset over St Abb’s Head. Also courtesy of Ian Muir Photography

Taking stills with drones: the practicalities

After you are sure you are ready to use the drone for photography there are some aspects that need to be mentioned. We have a large amount of functionality on our DSLRS – aperture, shutter speed, focal length etc. – but are these available on drone cameras?   Like camera equipment in general, how much you’re prepared to spend usually determines the quality of camera on-board.  Continue reading “Pie in the sky? …….. Part 2”

A Whiter Shade of Pale

1 Rannoch Icy Morning
Rannoch Icy Morning, taken by Dale Powell. Colour and texture give this image a life, especially over the foreground.

Winter is upon us, and rather than out our feet up, many at Kilmaurs Photographic Club are taking to the great outdoors to capture the wealth of photo opportunities the season brings. Fiona Wallace dons her big coat and trips a light fandango off to see what photographers can expect from this coldest of seasons.

Winter is an interesting season and of course is associated with snow. While we don’t get the white stuff for months on end, we do get enough of it to make us ooh and ahhh at how pretty our native landscape is when under a white blanket.  That is, of course, before we curse at it for disrupting our daily lives.  But love it or hate it, many of us will have the camera out to capture the moments of winter glory, whether it be an artistic shot or a quick snap on the phone camera.  So how do we get the best out of our snow shots? Continue reading “A Whiter Shade of Pale”

Class Act

1 Shadow Play - image by Martin Clark
Shadow play. Doug Allan in full (ice) flow at Kilmaurs Photographic Club’s keynote talk. Image by Martin Clark

If the early weeks of the new year are anything to go by, then this promises to be a bumper year for Kilmaurs Photographic Club.

2019 got off to a rip-roaring start with two highly successful events (Doug Allan’s show and the School’s Photography Competition), both of which have set the bar colossally high for the Kilmaurs club. Continue reading “Class Act”

Primary Colours

3 Dunlop Primary's colourful image - Jackets 2
Jackets by P6 pupils from Dunlop Primary School – one of their winning images in the Schools Photography competition run by Kilmaurs Photographic Club


 A second major feature in the club’s early year calendar of events was the Schools Photography Competition.

Organised by the Kilmaurs club, the competition saw four local primary schools put their recently-acquired photography skills into practice.   Participating in the event were Kilmaurs Primary, Nether Robertland Primary, Dunlop Primary and Lainshaw Primary. Continue reading “Primary Colours”

You win some, you lose some

1. Bill Terrance Rose Urie winner 2018
Clive Watkins presents the Rose Urie trophy to Bill Terrance

It’s been a very competitiony sort of end to the year at Kilmaurs Photographic Club. And as is always the case, some folk went away delighted while others were left to dust themselves down in time for the next challenge.

The process started two weeks ago with the judging of the annual Rose Urie, and a splendid number of entries saw a busy night for judge, Clive Watkins. Continue reading “You win some, you lose some”

Are you in the market for great images?

Tis the season to be merry and to take your camera to the various Christmas markets. Text and images by Fiona Wallace.

1 Main Market(1)
Capture the colour and busyness of the market

Recent years have seen the rise of one particular aspect of the festive season: the Christmas market. A common sight in Edinburgh and Glasgow for over a decade, many more towns are now copying their big cousins and hosting their own versions, albeit on a much smaller scale.  With these cheerful, fuzzily warm and colourful events being ripe for fabulous photographic opportunities, here are our top tips for capturing some great shots.   And the beauty is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t need to have expensive equipment: you can get good images using a phone camera or a compact. Continue reading “Are you in the market for great images?”

The kids of today …?

2 The Bridge
The Bridge Carrick shows how the “rules” of showing your model’s face can be broken to great effect

You know the trouble with kids of today; they don’t want to do anything except look at facebook on their mobile phones and play mindless games on their computers. Or so the customary grumble goes – usually from old fogeys like me.

But for one Kilmarnock teenager, nothing could be further from the truth. Kilmaurs Photographic Club’s youngest member, 19 year old Carrick Dreghorn, has certainly managed to buck that stereotype of the youth of today and is using his talents to produce stunning images of life around him. Continue reading “The kids of today …?”